Why Is My Ford Fusion Hybrid Not Turning On?

Why Is My Ford Fusion Hybrid Not Turning On?

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Why Is My Ford Fusion Hybrid Not Turning On?

1. Faulty Starter

When the starter coil inside the ignition system fails, the battery can push power through and start the engine. This is a sign that the battery is dying or about to die.

2. Damaged Battery Cables

If the battery cables are damaged, an electric current may not flow properly and start the car. This can create a dead short, which will kill power to the engine and prevent it from running. The car should be towed for an inspection in this case.

3. Bad Alternator

The alternator charges the battery. If it’s defective, the battery may die because it’s not receiving a full charge.

3. Bad Starter

If the starter does not engage and rotate when you turn the ignition to start, it’s possible that the starter failed or burnt out. Either way, you must have a technician inspect it and make repairs for your car to run again.

 4. Bad Solenoid

The solenoid has a switch that controls the flow of electricity to the starter. If it fails, it can cause a dead short, which turns off the power to the engine. You will need a technician to inspect this.

5. Shorted Battery Cables

Your cables may be shorting out and overheating. You can damage cables in an accident or if they get chafed by the engine or other parts of the car’s interior.

Either way, you will need a technician to inspect them for your car to start again.

6. Wire hook-up Problem

The starter motor can only run if the engine can receive a full charge from the alternator. If you have this issue, your cables are likely damaged. A technician will need to inspect and repair the cables for your car to start again.

Can You Jumpstart A Hybrid Ford Fusion?

A hybrid Ford Fusion is a car that runs on gasoline and electricity. The hybrid vehicle’s gasoline component provides the engine’s major power.

It drives an electric motor, which you can use to recharge the battery pack or power other onboard systems.

Yes! You can jumpstart a hybrid ford fusion by following these simple steps.

First, find the right fuse size for the plug you are using. If you use a 30 amp or less, use a 20-amp fuse. For 40 amps or higher, use a 40-amp fuse.

Why Is My Ford Fusion Hybrid Not Turning On?

Next, correctly position the jumper cable to connect the good vehicle to the ground before completing your connection between the two vehicles. Get the hybrid’s battery to receive a charge.

You can leave the jumper cable in place as long as necessary, but starting the vehicle won’t be easy until you unhook it.


  1. Position your vehicle so that they are facing each other and located close enough together to make a good connection. Ensure each car or truck has enough room to turn around if needed.
  2. Identify each battery, and find its corresponding fuse box. The panels are usually in the trunk, but you must search for them.
  3. Locate your fuse box and locate the fuses corresponding to the fuses you will use on the jumper cable. Using a 30-amp fuse on the jumper cable, use a 20-amp fuse in both cars.

The same rule applies to 40 amps and a 40-amp fuse. Make sure that both fuses match before turning off your car or truck.

  • Connect the fuse box on the vehicle you are using as a ground to your vehicle’s battery using the jumper cable.
  • Connect both vehicles once satisfied with the fuse box and cable connections. Wait a moment to see if it starts. You should check if your dash lights come on after connecting the devices.
  • If there is no activity after connecting the vehicles, try turning the key in your vehicle for a few seconds.
  • If you still don’t see any activity, use a jumper cable on another car or truck to start the vehicle. Once it starts, unhook the device.

What Happens When Fusion Hybrid Battery Dies?

Decreased Fuel EfficiencyDecreased life cycle, Decreased power output and Decreased system performance.
Fire HazardsExtreme temperatures, Dust accumulation and Insulation damage.
Environmental DangersFriction-product (FPF), Heat ,Extreme temperature, Oxidation, Deposition of heavy metals , and corrosion reactions of alloys.
Loss of Power Steering, braking, and cooling systemsLoss of power steering,Loss of braking and Loss of cooling.
No Air ConditioningInterior overheating and Loss of electric power steering.

Does A Dead Battery Reset the Car’s Computer?

When you have a dead car battery, resetting the computer using jumper cables is common.

First, ensure your engine is on, and then connect a red clamp from the jumper cable to the + terminal of your car battery.

Connect a black clamp from the same jumper cable to an unpainted metal surface under the hood of your car (frequently the chassis).

Finally, connect a third piece of wire to each end of this black clamp. Then start up your engine and allow it to idle for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, remove the jumper cable in this manner:

  • Disconnect the red clamp from your car’s battery first.
  • Disconnect the black clamp under the hood (but don’t disconnect it from your car’s chassis).
  • Finally, disconnect the wire clamps at either end of your jumper cable.

After disconnecting the jumper cable, allow your engine to run for at least one minute before attempting to start it.

While your engine is running, ensure all electrical accessories (e.g., radio, air conditioner, headlights) are turned off.

If your engine does not start, try this reset process again.

Note: Resetting the car computer through jumper cables will clear any fault codes stored in the car’s memory, but it will not turn off your check engine light. That is a separate procedure.

If your vehicle boasts immobilizer equipment (For example, your key fob does not work when you unlock the car door after sitting for a few minutes), you may need to take your vehicle to the dealer to reset this feature.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Dead- Causes and How to Fix

CauseHow to Fix
Faulty Alternator-Check the battery voltage by using a voltmeter.
-If the voltage is below 12.2 volts, replace the alternator.

If still under 12.2 volts, replace the battery.
Connect the voltmeter to the positive and negative terminals of either the new or original battery. Both should show above 12.2 volts.
Faulty Charging System-Check alternator connections.
-Check the charging system to see if it’s new or not.

-If new, get a repair manual and perform all necessary checks.
-If not, call a local mechanic.
Dead Battery-Check the alternator connection if the troubleshooting mentioned above didn’t help.

-Check voltage by using a voltmeter to see if the battery is still under 12.2 volts.
-If the battery is new, check that it has enough charge and is not damaged.

-If the battery is not new, you may need to get a new one and have it reconnected under the supervision of a mechanic.
Grounding Problem-Ensure that the battery is the only thing touching metal.
-Make sure that you don’t have any other metal thing close to the battery.

Can I charge my Ford Fusion Hybrid at home?

Yes! You can charge your Ford Fusion Hybrid at home by following simple steps.

  1. Connect the charger to your vehicle.
  2. Plug the electrical outlet.
  3. After starting your Fusion Hybrid, wait for the on-screen Sound and Charging Status Indicator to show that charging has begun, and “Charging” appears on the Multi-Information Display (MID) in both the EVIC or radio screen and instrument cluster menu.
  4. The Sound and Charging Status Indicator will blink as the vehicle charges.
  5. The EVIC or MID will show “Charging” until charging is complete.
  6. You may disconnect your vehicle from the charger when charging is complete by unplugging the charger from the electrical outlet.
  7. If using a portable charge cord, remove it from your vehicle’s charge port when charging is complete to prevent tripping hazards and wasting energy.

Does Ford Fusion Hybrid Have Two Batteries?

Yes! A Ford Fusion Hybrid boasts two batteries.

1. Electric Battery

The electric battery boasts a high voltage which powers the electric motor. It works in conjunction with the gasoline engine to propel the vehicle.

The battery recharges when the gasoline engine is revving and also every time you apply brakes.

This battery is located in the car’s trunk underneath the rear deck. It’s sealed and protected by the rear cabin floor where the spare tire would have been.

It weighs about 200 pounds, has a nominal voltage of 360 volts, and a nominal capacity of 16 KWH, which means that the continuous current is 8A at a power of 160 watts.

2.12-Volt lead-acid Battery

This battery mostly powers the vehicle’s accessories, such as the headlights, windows, emergency blower, and radio. It’s also used in the vehicle’s low-voltage electric starter for easier starting.

It boasts a location under the hood on the left side near the engine. The nominal voltage is 12 volts and a nominal capacity of 14 KWH, which means that the continuous current is 4A at a power of 90 watts.

Does Ford Fusion Hybrid Have A 12V Battery?

Yes! The Ford Fusion Hybrid has a 12 V battery which powers the car’s electronic system. It boasts a location in the trunk wall near the driver’s side. To access the battery, you need to:

  1. Release the clips on the left wall.
  2. Remove the panel.
  3. Pull back on the battery cable.
  4. Unplug the connector.
  5. Replace the panel, and reverse the process.

The 12 V battery is color-coded and has a sticker that says “12 V” on one side, with a textured (rubber) bottom. Therefore, it’s marked (visible).

The batteries are in a plastic box you can pull from the wall (as per the steps above) to access.

The battery boasts approximately the same size as a standard AA (1.5 V) battery and has a similar configuration (wire-ends sticking out).

There is a 12V DC input in the trunk near the cargo net. The fuse box is to the left of the rear wheel well.

You pull off the rubber cover, and it’s just below the cover (accessible after you take out two bolts that hold fuses in place with a 10mm wrench).

Why Is My Ford Fusion Hybrid Not Turning On?

This cable can power charging devices (that require 12V DC) or other devices (if you wired it up to one of these devices).

How To Start A Dead Ford Fusion?

1. Check the Battery

If your car is completely dead, there’s a very good chance that you need to replace the battery. Leaving the car on and unattended for a long period can drain it, or it could die.

The only way to know is to take it to a mechanic. That said, you can still check whether or not the battery is the problem.

Turn your car on and take a look at the dashboard. The battery is fine if you don’t see any lights or hear a clicking noise.

2. Check the Ignition

If your car’s dead, you have tampered with the ignition. Thieves can use a device to jiggle the key out of the ignition, and it might seem like nothing happened at first.

You may have thought you’d just stopped or left your headlights on, but someone stole your keys and is driving around in your car.

It’s a scary thought, but unfortunately, it happens more often than you’d think. If you think your ignition’s been tampered with, take your car to the mechanic to check it immediately.

3. Check the Fuses and Relays

The power supply for your car is conducted through a series of fuses. If one of these fuses blows out, you won’t be able to start your car. Some relays boost or regulate the power from the battery.

If one of these blows out, you won’t be able to start your car either. You must take it to a mechanic to have these checked out.

If everything works properly, your car could have an intermittent problem.

How Do You Reset The Battery On A Ford Fusion?

How you reset the battery of a Ford Fusion varies on the battery type. However, you can:

  1. Turn off your Ford Fusion and remove the key from the ignition.
  2. Close the door and push the lock button.
  3. Press a battery button on the glove compartment.
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes, turn the ignition, and try to start the car.
  5. If you still can’t start your Ford Fusion , press the battery reset button again for about 10 seconds. If that still doesn’t work, you should take it to a mechanic to have them fix it.
  6. Check your dashboard’s Intelligent Protection System indicator to know how long your battery will last. This will tell you how much power your battery has and when it needs replacing.

The system will monitor the voltage, temperature, and charging rate so you know when to replace your Ford Fusion battery.

Why Is My Ford Fusion Hybrid Not Turning On?

7. Get a jump start if your car still needs a fixed start. You can use jumper cables alongside another car to perform this task.

      8. If your battery is dead, replace it with a new one to prevent damage to other parts of the vehicle’s electrical system.


Hybrid Ford Fusion is the most notable production car to date. You can drive this car with the engines and battery or only one.

You can run the car for about 20 miles without using much gas.

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