Does Subaru Outback Need Special Tires?( No! See why)

Does Subaru Outback Need Special Tires?

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Does Subaru Outback Need Special Tires?

No. Generally, you do not need special tires for your Subaru Outback.

However, under some circumstances, you may need to tune up your tire choice slightly to enhance your Subaru Outback’s performance.

However, as an experienced driver, or maybe not very much experienced, but you have spent some time behind the wheels.

You should always consider acquiring wheels suitable with your driving mode and the terrain you mostly drive-in.

For instance, you should consider going for an all-terrain type of tire for your Subaru Outback if you mostly drive on mud and dirt roads.

Also, if you do a lot of driving or spend much of your time in the Snow Belt, you should contemplate settling for winter tires.

Your all-wheel-drive Subaru Outback will be glad you did so, and so will you.

Does Subaru Outback Need Special Tires?

When Is It Okay To Replace My Subaru Outback Tires?

Owning a car is often accompanied by responsibilities.

You should always ensure you have read through some car manual in handling and maintenance before getting in the drivers’ seat and speed off.

This will offer you a head start on what you should do in the event that incidents come up.

One of the things you should be aware of is when to change your vehicle’s tires.

Most new drivers are often unsure when it’s the right time to do some, and some may opt to drive their Subaru Outback until the tire treads are worn out.

Some of the concerns you should have when you think it is about time to change the tires are; how old your Subaru Outback tires are and the mileage you have covered.

If you have covered a considerable level of mileage, about 30,000 to 40,000 miles, then your tire treads must be screaming for change.

However, this is not likely to happen every time as it is estimated that many vehicles, Such as your Subaru Outback, cover about 12,000 miles every year.

Therefore, you do not have to make budgets for new tires for technically four years.

The age of the tire is measured with the level of chemical breakdown that is experienced by tires with time.

Some tires may last longer when they are adequately maintained, while others may age a little bit faster depending on how fast the tires react with environmental elements.

Changing Your Subaru Outback Tires

Most Subaru Outback model wheels are 17 inches or 18 inches. The wheel size may probably change when there are aftermarket changes made to the vehicle.

However, most of the wheels are 17s and 18s before any form of alteration is made.

As a vehicle owner, whenever you want to make changes or upgrade to your wheels, you should always ensure that the rule of thumb is maintained.

For instance, if you want to have large side-walled tires that will make you feel comfortable when driving, then you will also have wheels with smaller diameters as well.

Thin tires will be accompanied by bigger wheels too. Therefore, it is quite evident that changing your Subaru outback tires is not just a walk in the ark.

You need to carefully think about whether you want to change your tires or make an upgrade or any form of alterations before you do it. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Smaller Wheels To My Subaru Outback?

You may not be aware of this, but changing your Subaru Outback’s wheels to a smaller size has some benefits you may find exciting.

Comfortable ride; wheels with large sidewalls give you more cushion and comfortable rides more so as you drive on rough road terrains. 

What Are The Benefits Of Installing High-Quality Tires To Your Subaru Outback?

High-quality tires support your vehicle’s load: It may not seem like it, but tires are capable of supporting vehicles that are about 50 times their weight. Surprised? I bet yes.

Well, it is not entirely the tires that support the vehicle’s weight, but the air pumped in the tires also plays a significant role in achieving this.

With high-quality tires, you do not have to worry whether your vehicle will maintain its stature for a long time. They hardly burst or get involved in incidences such as those.

You will feel a sense of safety: High-quality materials often give a sense of safety.

Like any other product in the market, you will feel safer when driving your Subaru Outback with high-quality tires than when driving the same vehicle with lower quality tires.

All the worry of tires bursting at the slightest exerted pressure or developing problems whenever you drive are thrown out the window.

High-quality tires also help you when driving in negotiating brakes in time. You may need this advantage to prevent accidents.

Install quality tires on your Subaru Outback Wheels and be left with worries concerning other road issues.

Great driving experience: Apart from the comfort given by high-quality tires.

You will notice a difference when you drive your Subaru Outback with sets of high-quality tires and when you drive the same vehicle with low standard tires.

Tires often play a significant role in improving your driving activities.

For instance, you will hardly use extra force on the steering wheel when negotiating a corner; the tires will, depending on the type, will either make it easy or difficult.

Negotiating corners or having adequate wheel control of your Subaru Outback will be highly improved with high-quality wheels.

Enhanced acceleration and efficient braking: 

Getting high-quality tires for your Subaru Outback wheels will see to it that the acceleration is significantly enhanced as well as the efficiency of your vehicle’s braking capabilities.

It’s the tires that affect these forces; acceleration and braking. Your vehicle will accelerate faster ad in case of any emergency braking; then the tires got your back too.

What Should I Look For When Getting My Subaru Outback Tires?

Traction ability

You don’t want to be worried about skidding off the road now and then. Your tires should have a good grip on the road as you drive.

Therefore, whenever you set off to equip your Subaru Outback wheels with tires, go for those with high traction ability.

Efficient performance

Having great tires on your Subaru Outback wheels will ensure your vehicle performs efficiently as you want.

Also, always ensure your tires are adequately maintained, and the pressure is often maintained at the recommended amount.

You will notice that in the long run, you would have saved a lot of gas fuel and any other maintenance cost which may have resulted from taking care of the tires and wheels inadequately.

Comfortable driving experience

What makes your Subaru Outback comfortable to drive? Well, your vehicle’s comfort is highly contributed to by the tires you have on the wheels.

This is backed by the pressure on the tires and the alignment too. You wouldn’t prefer driving on almost or entirely flat tires either.

No comfort. Go for tires that will make your ride in the Subaru Outback as comfortable as you want.

High responsiveness

The other factor you would want to consider when getting Subaru Outback tires is the responsiveness.

How do they respond to your executed driving decisions? Great tires for your Subaru Outback should react as soon as you initiate an activity.

For instance, if you make a sharp corner, the tires should help you initiate the sharp corner without delay.

You can be saved by last-minute decisions and executions when done in time and if the tires react quickly enough.

A drag or delay in the tire system cannot save you much in cases of emergency.


Performance of your Subaru Outback’s tires should always be at the top of your list of things to consider when deciding on the tires to acquire.

Tires with great threads and adequately pressured significantly increase your tire’s traction abilities.

When driving with adequately performing tires, you can feel it if your tires have efficient command on the surface of the surface of the road.

How Much Do Subaru Outback Tires Cost?

The cost of Subaru Outback tires depends on the type and quality of the tires you want to get for your vehicle.

Also, you should note that the tire you purchase corresponds to the wheel size of your Subaru Outback.

Therefore, larger tires for larger wheels are also likely to cost more than smaller tires. The standard price for most Subaru Outback tires ranges from $150 to $350 each.

But, if you want to purchase higher-performance tires, then you should be ready to part with $500 or more.

Anyway, the extra charge for the high-performance tires would prove to be worth your money. 

What Types Of Tires Should I Install On My Subaru Outback?

Making a decision on the type of tires to install on your Subaru Outback should be based on the terrain you mainly drive on, perhaps also your intended mileage coverage.

The tires are often classified based on the type of rubber used to manufacture them and the thread design.

Tires come in different performance capabilities, tread designs, and durability.

Does Subaru Outback Need Special Tires?

Better tires would go for higher prices. But you should go for the ones which cost more if you want a great driving experience and performance of the vehicle.  

What Are The Types Of Tires Available For Subaru Outback?

Subaru Outback tires are subdivided into different types: all-terrain, all-season, high performance, and winter.

Let’s discuss these tire types in details;


When you acquire these types of tires, you are sure of navigating on roads through all kinds of seasons and weather conditions.

Your wheels will have a great grip on the road surfaces, whether it is summer or winter.

The all-season tire types will enable you to drive on both dry and wet snowy surfaces without worrying about skidding off the road.

The tread patterns made on this type of tires are designed in such a way that they help in water absorption.

You can use these tires on your Subaru Outback wheels throughout the whole year without any inconveniences.

You may need to replace the tires after some time due to wear and tear but not seasonal changes.


With all-terrain tires, your vehicle can withstand navigation on any road terrain.

No rocks or debris can easily undermine the performance of these tires.

If you are located in places with rough terrains or enjoy off-roading activities with your Subaru Outback.

Then these are the types of tires you should acquire and install for them.

Did you know that these types of tires also clean off dirt and rock particles by themselves?.

Well, exciting, right? Also, if you enjoy bumpy rides on uneven surfaces, you should have these tires installed for their durability and capability to handle such pressure.

What about braking capability? Well, the braking capability of this type of tire is described as nearly perfect.

Furthermore, if you have these tires on your Subaru Outback, you will have an easy time controlling your wheel movement.

These tires will be providing adequate assistance in initiating your wheel’s movements.

High-Performance tires

The main advantage of high-performance tires over other types of tires is that when driving your Subaru Outback at high speeds.

You still have great control over your vehicle’s wheel movements.

Therefore, the risk of swerve is significantly reduced. This is achieved by the wheels sinking into the road surface, thereby achieving adequate grip on the road.

Thanks to the soft rubber used in its manufacture.

The other factor to note about high-performance tires is that they have wider surfaces than other tires.

They are designed in this manner to enhance their stability on the road.

With the soft rubber and the wide surface, your Subaru Outback will be stable to drive at high speeds, when necessary, and therefore safe for you and other road users.

You can also initiate relatively quick brakes whenever your vehicle has this type of tire.

If you are a cheetah on the road, it is advisable you consider acquiring and installing high-performance Subaru Outback tires.

Winter tires

Unlike other tires, winter tires for Subaru Outback are designed to be used in winter conditions.

They are designed to maintain their flexibility even as the temperature drops significantly.

Does Subaru Outback Need Special Tires?

They are also made to be used in snowy roads where other types of tires cannot be used to navigate through.

Like the high-performance tires, they are also made with soft rubber; thus, they can adjust to temperature changes and not get deformed or disfigured in any way.

The tread patterns on winter tires have a distinctive tread pattern; this helps the tires o maneuver through both the snowy roads and ice, too, without any hassle.

Should I Consider My Location Before Acquiring Tires For My Subaru Outback?

Yes. Your location plays a significant role in deciding which types of tires you should install on your Subaru Outback wheels.

For instance, if you are staying in remote areas with rough terrain, then you should contemplate going for all-terrain all-weather Subaru Outback tires.

Installing the wrong type of tires on the vehicle will exert pressure on the tires and reduce its performance efficiency.

Furthermore, you may end up having to replace the tires more often as they will be handling the terrain they are not built for. So, yes.

Think about your location when you set off to acquire tires for your Subaru Outback.

Can I Install My Subaru Outback Tires On My Own?

Once you are a Subaru Outback owner, installing tires should be one of the necessary skills to have. It is possible to install the tires on your own, and there is no excuse you shouldn’t.

Just have the required tools at your disposal and some background knowledge and skills, then you are ready to go.

However, if you are not sure about your mechanical handling capability, it would be better to hire a qualified mechanic to do the task.

Anyway, try and get the skills, since you may at one time need to change the tires, and there will be no mechanic nearby to have it done for you.

It’s relatively simple, and you can get it done by yourself. 

Is It Okay To Rotate My Subaru Outback Tires?

Although some people would prefer waiting until their tires’ depth are well used up to change them entirely.

You may want to consider rotating them such that each set of tires only spend a little time on the road before the next set is installed.

Those with experience in doing this have often given positive feedback regarding the longevity of their Subaru Outback tires.

You may rotate the tires as often as you want to, but the standard preferred rotation time is after every six months.

Therefore, if you decide to try this method of making your tires last longer, knock yourself out, it is okay.

Can I Install Used Tires On My Subaru Outback?

Purchasing used tires and installing them on your Subaru Outback is a great risk you should not be thinking about.

Several underlying tire threats associated with these types of tires are so much that once you get a grasp of a few, then you may have to reconsider your decision on installing such tires.

For instance, you may not be aware of the slight wear or tear present on the tire, which you cannot discern with the naked eye.

You may install the wheel and realize there was a major tear on it, and you may end up having to acquire a new set of the tire altogether.

With this, you shall have wasted cash, which you may have used to do other necessary maintenance.

Another factor you may need to consider is that you are not aware of the tire’s initial usage condition.

That is, you have no knowledge where the tire is from or which location it was used.

Weather changes can lead to the degradation of tires over time, especially after they have been stored for a while at different atmospheric conditions.

By the time you acquire a used tire from the dealers, maybe it shall have already been kept for a long time under different conditions until it has become weak and less durable.

Such tires will not hold when you install them in your Subaru Outback. 

Therefore, installing used tires on your Subaru Outback is not one of the greatest tire choices you can make for your vehicle.

Always strive to acquire new tires that match your location specifications and other crucial factors such as the terrain and weather your tires will be subjected to.

How Can I Maintain My Subaru Outback’s Tires?

After installation, the next task to accomplish is maintaining the tires you have on your Subaru Outback.

Well, this will not be a challenging task, provided you had earlier selected a tire type that matches your specifications.

The first way of taking care of your tires is by ensuring they are always inflated. Maintaining air pressure in the tire plays a crucial role in the tire’s well-being.

For instance, driving around with inadequately inflated tires will increase the rate at which your tires wear out.

Always confirm if your tires are inflated, probably in the morning, before leaving your house or whenever you want to use them.

The second way is by regularly evaluating your tires. Once you make this a habit, you can easily detect any tread tear or wear on your Subaru Outback tires before it is too late.

Conducting tire evaluation, you will know when to change the tires or perform necessary repairs.

Finally, rotate the tires of your Subaru Outback. As discussed earlier, one of the ways to achieve maximum longevity of your tires is by rotating them as often as possible.

Typically, after every six months. Apart from increasing the tires’ lifespan, you also significantly reduce the chances of risks associated with worn-out tires or mistakes that may go undetected.

Does Subaru Outback Need Special Tires?

Generally, you do not need special tires for your Subaru Outback.

However, under some circumstances, you may need to tune up your tire choice slightly to enhance your Subaru Outback’s performance.

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